Celebrating the Past and Building for the Future

Christ Church Frederica stands as both an historic icon and a functional space of worship and celebration. The master plan for the space seeks to unite the campus.

Furthermore, the plans seek to create the following:

Better connected pedestrian systems (both internal to the site and external)

More functional green spaces, to be used as both recreational and programmable space

Better defined parking areas.

Using these three elements as a foundation, the master plan then builds on the structures present, transforming many of the buildings into multi-purpose, flexible spaces that can grow and evolve as the parish changes.

Finally, spaces are set aside to serve as entry spaces for visitors, so that the parish can better control the first impression one may receive when entering the grounds for the first time.

The master plans seek to create spaces that the parish can shape and mold over time, as needs and requirements change with the church. The master plans seek to create a sacred, grounded space, rooted in its past.

The master plans seek to celebrate the church’s vibrant history and culture, while looking towards the future, a future of growth and prosperity, both spiritual and spatial.


Repurposed Parish Hall

The repurposed parish hall seeks to facilitate numerous unique uses, while remaining the "living room" of Christ Church Frederica. A second floor is proposed, providing ample space for new classrooms and larger music rooms. A new office and visitor wing is proposed, serving as the entrance to the re-envisioned building. Additional multipurpose rooms are also proposed, serving as flex space, used by any and every parishioner in need of gathering space.

Finally, an updated Sanctuary space will become the central hub of the Hall, creating a space that is both welcoming spiritually and socially.