A New Vision for the St. Ignatius Chapel and Campus

The St. Ignatius Chapel campus master plan aims to better support the active, more populated portion of St. Simons Island, while maintaining a spiritual escape. The existing St. Ignatius Chapel is to be rotated, with the main entry facing west and the altar facing east. In addition, a more clearly defined parking lot, complete with permeable pavers to mitigate drainage issues, is also proposed. Bollards help delineate the extents of the church parking, while a new entry drive opens out to the Plantation Village Office Park to the north of the site.

A new parish hall is also to be constructed on the western portion of the site, to serve as a space for fellowship events. Finally, the two buildings will be connected through a central pedestrian space, bounded by an allee of flowering trees and plantings, rounding out a newly unified campus for St. Ignatius.