Site Framework 

The context of the sites was evaluated for possible opportunities and constraints. These points included focusing on connections between the National Park and the campus, flooding issues, and surrounding growth trends. Site framework plans were also created, highlighting existing layouts, any infringing uses, and circulatory systems.


Christ Church - Frederica

Located along one of the primary roads through St. Simons Island, Christ Church Frederica has been a landmark in the area for over 200 years. Mature oaks nestle the campus, adjacent to the Fort Frederica National Monument. Parking areas along Frederica Road and at the road fork create congestion and confusion, while the cemetery and gardens blend the chapel and parish hall with the surrounding canopy. The wetlands to the east are a development constraint but ensure a natural buffer to the east. One of four churches along a short stretch of Frederica Road, Christ Church has a great deal of street frontage with a real opportunity to expand their presence from Frederica Road.   

Building Programming

As part of the program analysis, the design team reviewed the existing building program and categorized the uses in order to better understand how the current buildings are functioning. Through this process, the team took note of circulation patterns, gathering areas, and the opportunities and constraints of the existing building layout. 


St. Ignatius Chapel

Within a mixed-use area of St. Simons Island, St. Ignatius Chapel is tucked between an office park and residential community along Demere Road. On roughly an acre of land, St. Ignatius Chapel is a timeless blend of gardens and a historic chapel. 

Building Programming

The program of St. Ignatius Chapel is simple with a single aisle nave, altar, choir + organ area, and sacristy. Accommodating roughly 60, the chapel sits on only about an acre. Between parking, gardens, and the chapel itself, the site is currently full. However, the church is exploring potential opportunities to expand to the north and west.