Designed to be in keeping with the architectural language of historic Christ Church, the proposed schematic vision for a joint Sanctuary / Parish Hall includes the following:

  • Approximately 5,500 SF Nave & Sanctuary, with seating for 330 +/- congregants (sufficient for seating of a combined 9:15am service; note the other services will still meet in historic Christ Church), with additional 3,000 SF for entry vestibules, vesting, etc.

  • Approximately 1,750 SF Music Ministry suite, including seating for 60 +/- choir members (which can be expanded)

  • Approximately 4,200 SF Education / Sunday School area, with a designated nursery, 5 children’s classrooms, separate Kidurgy space, 2 adult education classrooms, and a youth space with breakout rooms for middle and high school

  • Approximately 4,400 SF Parish Hall, with seating for 200 +/-, with opportunities for expansion from nave (for Christmas, Easter, etc.) or into nave (for larger dinners)

  • Approximately 2,750 SF Offices

  • Designated and secure restroom areas

  • Approximately 350 SF Visitor center, which can be a place to greet visitors to the campus, provide refreshments, and even display cookbooks for purchase

  • Designated, safe parking for 160 off street parking spaces, improved walkways, labyrinth, and entry garden and landscape

  • Careful siting of all improvements around the existing, historic tree canopy